Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The Voyage of Storm Petrel

So here's some images i have made in collaboration with Clarissa Vincent for her beautiful book soon to be published..."The Voyage of Storm Petrel". I'm so happy i can be part of this because it is truly an original, important and richly descriptive piece of writing.


  1. Becky, I like your blog very much. The VOSP entry is new to me although you posted it in Feb. and there are a couple of differences in the images. I'm stuck with the book at the moment, bogged down in a printed draft that's being edited by various people, but I'm going to do it through Createspace, same as the music cd and all the editing will go back to word processing - I can't be dealing with printed drafts, it's so much detail, gimme automation, spellcheckers, formatting corrections.
    Your work is really developing and really strong.
    Love Clarissa XX

  2. Well you can guess how I found my way here (thanks). These latest illustrations make me jealous. They are beautiful and you will be in demand. More please.

  3. The book is published. Available on www.amazon.com from April 2011. Picture of the book and extract here: