Thursday, 3 March 2011

Short Stories part 2

More images i've made for my book 'Short Stories' ...a few more to be made and then a big printing session using someone else's equipment. Does anyone know a good printers? Merci beaucoup you punters/artists/friends and onlookers...

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  1. Createspace do different sizes of books and as your illustrations are b/w you can publish your book at a similar price to VOSP, no upfront costs, only a proof copy which costs the price of one book and as author/artist you can buy your books at nearly a third of the retail price. Your illustrations in VOSP are printed really nice quality. All I did was embed them in a word processing doc ( and exported from there to pdf. Then you upload to Createspace and order your proof. VOSP has a full colour cover. Your map is scintillating!