Thursday, 15 September 2011


So, yesterday morning, a postman delivered a parcel to my front door. He kept knocking and knocking but you see I was in my dressing gown and felt a little silly. I opened the door after the 7th knocking and found him to be an Australian guy, a friendly friendly down-underer who made me smile. This is the second encounter with an Aussie in the past week which makes me more and more ready to jump on a plane and get myself over there...


  1. See the Australia map outline. Lion looking left. Rabbit looking right.

  2. Hey! Awesome stuff. I dunno if you'll remember me.. I bought a lead holder from your store but I doubt that helps narrow it down!

    I literally walked out the store and felt like an ass for not asking for your website, especially as we were talking about networking!

    Anyway cool stuff! I really need to get more active with posting and bits.

    Hope you're good, was nice meeting you and chatting.